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  • Started racing in 1963 with a new 427 Ford, 4 speed, Galaxy fastback at local track 75&80.

  • Met Bob Griffin and Dick Corum who just purchased a 427 Mercury Comet AF/X car thru Moyer Lincoln Mercury in Frederick, MD.

  • Had a pickup truck and car trailer, that Sam Auxier, Sr. provided. Bob was the driver for the remainder of the 1964 season.

  • 64 Comet meet with a highway crash (flipped car and trailer) in Ohio going to Summer Nationals in Indianapolis in Sept Labor Day.

  • Comet was later rebuilt in winter.

  • Ordered a 65 Comet 427 AF/X for 65 season and I took over driving the 64 Comet.

  • Raced in NHRA and NASCAR Drag Racing Circuit in in 1965-66-67 Later called ULTRA Stock, (Early name for Pro Stock that came along in 1970)

  • 1968 raced a 65 Mustang that belonged to Bondy Long in Columbia SC (who also owned Ned Jarrett's NASCAR Grand National car) The name on the car was BOWANA and the name came (supposedly from Bondy and his two brothers)

  • 65 Mustang very successful car. Cars Magazine Meet winner 1968 against Bill Jenkins

  • Built 69 Mustang ultra stock (probably most remembered car) very successful car (also won Cars Magazine meet 1969, as well as many events and match races)

  • Sam Auxier, Sr. operated the business end of the racing operations, as well as booking the ultra stock circuit on the east coast.

  • Sam Auxier, Sr. was also financially responsible for the development of the Doug Nash 5 speed Transmission, in 1971 later to be modified and used in the Corvette.

  • 1970 built Maverick Pro Stock for NHRA only (some what successful car) Won Best Engineered Car award at the 1970 FL Gatornationals.

  • !971 Opened Maryland HiPerformance Sales speed shop, in Wheaton, Maryland

  • Also built 71 Mustang Pro Stock Car. (Very successful car also) (located in Philadelphia PA in 2003 in bad need of restoration)

  • Ford Factory Support 1965-1970 when Ford pulled out of racing.

  • In 1973 used and built Don Hardy Chassis Pinto and raced that car into 1975 Pro Stock

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